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Back Home in Pennsylvania

The Stroudsmoor Country Inn in Stroudsburg PA

We left Texas mid April and made our way back to Pennsylvania, arriving mid May in time for Jim to do some trout fishing, and to participate in a lovely wedding in the Poconos. For those of you reading our blog who have never visited PA, these are some of the rolling hills and mountains of the Keystone State. The Appalachian Trail runs along that far ridge in this picture. We were happy to be back home in PA, even though we now call Texas our home too. So....what lessons were learned as we traveled around our old stomping grounds?

1. Sometimes its not about how many fish you catch, but about the time spent with fishing buddies. Life is about relationships.

One of few fish caught this year in PA

The streams were high from all of the rain in PA this spring. Penns Creek was not fishable at all while we were there, so the green drake hatch was a bust. Only a few fish were caught, but some good time spent with fishing buddies makes up for the lack of trout on the end of the line. "...there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother." Proverbs 18:24

2. Family and friends are a sweet blessing from God. Grandkids are the best!

We had a wonderful Fathers Day with Jessica's family in Ardsley PA

Memorial Day picnic at the Bellefonte KOA campground

Jim with his sisters and cousins in Shawnee State Park near Bedford PA

3. Longhorns to Caverns - God's creation is magnificent!

We visited Penns Cave while in Bellefonte PA and discovered that the Longhorn cattle had followed us from TX to PA! This big guy came running down the hill to see us on our wildlife tour bus - he was hoping to get a treat from the bus driver.

The cave tour is by boat. Its always fascinating to see God's creative beauty even underground. With my claustrophobic tendencies it was a stretch for me to take the tour, but I made it through and once I unclenched my jaw and took a couple Advil with lunch, I was feeling better.

Penns Cave boat tour

Yahoo! Coming out of the cave....

Uh oh...we have to go back through to finish the tour!

4. Lancaster county is beautiful, and well....stinky all at the same time.

A view of the countryside from Kitchen Kettle Village Shops

Our Beacon at the entrance to Beacon Hill Camping

We parked our home in Lancaster at Beacon Hill Campground. The campground is small and from our location right along rt. 772, we could watch the Amish and Mennonite buggies go by all day long. We even had some Amish children bring a wagon of baked/canned goods right to the campground for us to purchase some of their mother's efforts in the kitchen. There was a lovely quilt shop right beside the campground, and across the street was a furniture store with beautiful handmade items. Kitchen Kettle Village was right up the street also. All in all, a beautiful place to stay.

And then again...what you don't see from this picture is the farm directly across the road from our Beacon, with very stinky cows/manure, and a rooster who felt it was his duty to awaken all of us every morning, usually around 5 am. He continued to cock-a-doodle-doo for the next few hours, sometimes all day. So staying here was definitely a mixed bag for us.

5. 9/11 never really leaves our minds and hearts.

While in Bedford we stayed at Friendship Village Campground. A very nice place to park for awhile and visit the area. We drove to Shanksville to the Flight 93 Memorial Park. Walking into the museum there and viewing the exhibits felt like it happened yesterday instead of almost 18 years ago. Some experiences in life will always be with you.

The overlook to the crash site

The black granite flight path and the wall of names

The Tower of Voices with windchimes for each life lost

6. Sometimes its just fun to feed an elk.

We visited the Rolling Hills Red Deer Farm in Catawissa PA, home to 550 red deer, which are actually elk. What a fun place to visit, as they take you on a wagon around the fields and you feed oat/apple biscuits to the many elk who live on the farm.

Teddy the elk taking a biscuit from Jim's teeth

7. Pennsylvania has some beautiful covered bridges.

Before we left Bedford, we took a drive on Sunday afternoon to see some of the covered bridges in the area.

Can't drive the Beacon through this one - notice the clearance!

It was good to be back home in Pennsylvania. Now on to Virginia as we continue to enjoy life on the road. God is blessing our travels as we are free2bwheelin!

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