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Flies and Fries

View of the mountains from our site at Luray KOA in Virginia

Virginia is a beautiful state. We've always loved driving down Rt. 81 and looking at the mountains on both sides of the interstate, marveling at God's creative power. Psalm 121 always comes to my mind - "I lift up my eyes to the hills. From where does my help come? My help comes from the LORD, who made heaven and earth...the LORD will keep your going out and your coming in from this time forth and forevermore." Our site at Luray KOA afforded us a great view, and while we were there we had great neighbors!

Dan and Bethanne Curley joined us for a few days!

We took a drive up to Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park and enjoyed the views from the overlooks.

Skyline Drive overlooking the valley below

We loved our week in Luray. What's not to love about beautiful views, great neighbors, the Green Valley Book Fair (thousands of books in one big place at super prices), a stop at Harbor Freight for the men... but what you don't see from these pictures are the flies which kept us all company while we were in Luray. I don't mean a few flies - I mean lots and lots of flies, inside and outside. Flyswatters and flypaper at both of our campsites. "Shoo fly, don't bother me" could have been our theme song! Then there's the book/song - "There was an old lady who swallowed a fly...." You get my drift.

When Jim and I left Luray I said to Jim, "Well, hopefully they won't have flies like that in Fries." We headed south on Rt. 81 to the bottom of VA - a little town called Fries. Now you are reading this post thinking that it's pronounced fries as in "french fries." Nope. Down here in the holler it's pronounced "Freeze." (Which makes me wonder if we go out to eat in town, do I have to order a "burger and freeze please??")

Anyway, on the way here I commented to Jim about the fact that the next rv park looked like a nice idyllic place to park for 2 weeks. Pull through site, close to the river for fishing, stream running through the campground. Sounds good right? Well, as it turns out, some of that is correct....

The North River is right across the street with easy access for fishing - Yea!

Sweet little campground office

Our site by the entrance to the campground

Now some of you who read that last paragraph are looking at this photo and saying, "Wait a minute. Didn't you say you had a pull thru site? That doesn't look pull thru to me?" You're right. It's not. It's a back in site at the entrance to the park, off of the narrow entry road with rocky hillside on one side and lampposts on the other side. Oh yea...also the ditch with the new wifi cable line exposed and the sign post.

Notice the Beacon/truck tire lines through the grass...

Confusion reigned in my head while my sweet hubby was attempting the great back in. What about the reservation I made in January for the pull thru site? What about the phone call I made a month ago to confirm all the site info? The man helping Jim with the maneuvering was telling Jim to cut it hard, meanwhile forgetting that when you cut the truck hard with a rock wall to the left, you risk hitting the wall with the back of the truck. (Between Pearl and Hope, we have 56 feet of vehicle to maneuver.) Don't worry - Jim did a great job and Pearl is still in one piece, albeit minus one mudflap which hit the wall and tore - AYE CARUMBA!! We finally got situated in our spot and set up for the night. Meanwhile I'm still trying to figure out what happened to my pull thru site reservation. The owner wasn't sure but confirmed that this was indeed our spot.

So after some leftovers for dinner, we took a walk up through the campground to see what the pull thru sites were like, and to make a stop at the bearproof dumpster (yes, it seems we are in bear country). Well, here are the pull thru sites...

Two still open, but with very large rock boulders sitting at the entrance to each site. And neither one very long, which means it would have been fun to deal with the boulder.

So this morning as we ate breakfast and watched the camper with the loud barking dog pull out of the spot above us and leave the campground, I realized that maybe this spot was actually pretty nice. Only one neighbor, no dogs for Daisey to get worked up about, easy walk to the river, great wifi on the pole close by, little stream with sounds of running water to listen to, and possibly best of all....NO FLIES. As in, I think I might have seen one yesterday. Yahoo!

So you know, once again it's a lesson learned in trusting God to "keep my going out and my coming in." I make the reservations and believe me, I have a 3 ring binder full of them from now until next April, but God is the one picking out the perfect sites for us to park Pearl and Hope as we travel. Even when we find it difficult, or trying, or we lose a mudflap in the process, He is still our Keeper.

We are here in Fries (Freeze) VA for two weeks. While we are here, there is the Smoke on the Mountain BBQ Championships in Galax next weekend, with bluegrass country music and crafts, etc. Sounds like fun. In the meantime, we'll be reading, woodworking, fishing, sewing, walking, and just generally enjoying our stay in this little holler. Oh, and fixing the mudflap! It's great to be free2bwheelin!

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