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"Free2BWheelin" Means What Exactly?

Updated: May 14, 2019

We are Jim and Kathy Farrell, recently retired and living fulltime in a Vanleigh Beacon fifth wheel. With this post our travel blog officially begins! We hope to share with family and friends, and whoever else happens upon the site, what we are up to in our travels, our thoughts, our adventures and our experiences as we make our way around the USA.

“Free2BWheelin” is the name we have chosen for our blog because we think it currently describes us. We are really enjoying the freedom from work schedules that retirement life brings! And living in a 39' fifth wheel allows us the freedom to be wheelin' our way around the country as we enjoy each day together. However, it doesn't mean that we weren’t free before, even though we weren’t traveling in an RV like we are now. It also doesn't mean that we think we are now free to do whatever we want.

True freedom doesn't mean doing whatever you want, whenever you want to do it. Given humanity’s natural inclination to sin and selfishness, people can't be truly free until this bondage to sin is broken. That is precisely what Jesus secured at the cross for all who believe in Him. To be truly free means we live in the light of what the Creator God has done in Christ Jesus. He enables us - the created - to be what God intends us to be.

So...our freedom hasn’t necessarily changed now that we have retired. Rather, the ways we live out the freedom we have in Christ Jesus has changed. After 37 years of pastoring and loving congregations of God's people, we’re now wheelin' around the USA, meeting wonderful people, taking photos, finding new places to worship, and experiencing new things. Every day is an adventure! We’re learnin’ things! Lots of things! We plan to share those on this blog!

Paul Tripp in his book New Morning Mercies (April 3) says this about freedom:

“I have been liberated, set free, and given new life, new hope, new motivation, and new peace of mind. No, I have not been freed from the authority of another. I have not been freed to walk my own way, to write my own rules, or to do what I choose. No, I have been given the best of freedoms. I have been freed, not from God’s rule, but from my bondage to me. Following, obeying, serving, submitting to God is the thing I was created to do, so it is the place where true freedom is to be found. Rebellion never gives life. Self-rule never brings freedom. So grace has worked to rescue me from me, so that I can know the true freedom of serving him.”

We hope you will enjoy traveling with us via this blog. Thank you for praying and caring for us. Enjoy pictures of what God frees us to see. Share the places God frees us to visit. Ponder the things God frees us to ponder, and give God all the glory for true freedom to be you, where you are, being and doing what God determines you to be and do every day. Lift your voice with us and declare: "You (Lord) have loosened my bonds." (Psalm 116:16b)

We are free2bwheelin! And the journey continues! --Jim

Our fulltime home in Grapevine TX

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