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Musings from a Campground Dog

I'm getting old, but I'm still pretty!

I thought it was time for me to post my thoughts on this RV lifestyle we've been on for the last 6 months or so. After all, I know a lot of you were worried about me after that first Facebook post of the 3 of us leaving Media PA headed to Texas last November. I wasn't a happy dog that day. After all, I was leaving that home I loved. Best place ever for a dog like me. Sort of thought of it as doggy heaven. Great back porch where I could watch the wildlife in my yard. I chased so many chipmunks while we lived there! Ah that was so much fun! I'm getting to be an old dog now - 91 in dog years they say. So I wasn't too keen on boxing everything up and moving.

Now we are on the road a lot. It seems just about the time I get settled in somewhere and get to know the lay of the land so to speak, we are packing up and going again. There have been some pretty great campgrounds I must say. I loved the one in Stonewall TX - Peach Country RV Park. There I could lay outside on our mat and look all the way up through the campground underneath the other fifth wheels and Class A's. Whenever I saw a set of 4 hairy legs walking I would bark and bark, because you never know what kind of dog or cat they might be. For some reason, Jim and Kathy would always tell me "NO BARKING!! You have to learn to be a campground dog!!" I pretended to listen but I still think I should be protecting them from all marauding beasts at the parks where we live, so I still bark whenever I get the chance!

I did get to stay with the "Buds" as we call them while Jim and Kathy went to a wedding in June. Oh man, that was the best. I love those two kids and their parents too. Plus whenever I stay at their house for a vaca, I get to rummage through their recycling bin and tear up cardboard. Yea! That's what I'm talkin' about! Bedtime stories every night, lots of lovin' and ear scratchin'. Makes an old dog smile....

My Buds - Robbie and Rebecca

Everything was going pretty well until the end of June when my ear felt really weird. Jim and Kathy took me to a vet in Lancaster and he said I had something called a hematoma. All I heard was "blah blah blah" and the next thing I knew they had taken me into surgery and sent me home with this crazy collar around my neck. Not fun folks! I had to wear it for two weeks!! But I got a lot of yummy treats for being such a good dog. Jim took my stitches out and I'm all healed up!

Yea, I don't like this dumb collar!

We went fishing and someone thought this was my life vest for swimming! I'm a labrador retriever!! We don't need a life vest!

The vet told Jim and Kathy that I have the start of cataracts in my eyes, so they decided maybe I should wear sunglasses when we are out in the bright sun. Not a big fan, but they do help me see so maybe I'll wear them now and then.

I don't really like riding in the truck much. Lately though I've been getting a treat before we travel - it tastes pretty good and kind of puts me in chill mode. Sometimes Kathy puts this lavender stuff on me - she says it smells good and will make me sleepy. Not a big fan but I close my eyes now and then to make her feel like its working. What I do love about traveling in the truck are the rest stops. We stop a lot along the way to get out and stretch our legs and know. When I get back in the truck I always get peanut better treats and man are they good!

I do love our new home. We call it the Beacon of Hope. It has some really great places to sleep. A nice long sofa, a very comfy theatre seat, a nice soft pad on the living room rug. What more does an old girl like me need? Sometimes I have to fight Jim for the theatre seat. Kathy won't let me sleep on the sofa or the theatre seat without a sheet on it. I put up with that, but just when it is smelling really good and its all hairy - you know, just the way I like it - she insists on washing it and making it all fresh again! Oh well, small price to pay for some pretty sweet naps.

We take some pretty nice walks when we can around the campgrounds and rv parks. There are always new things to smell along the way. This place had some really great smells and very nice views too. I try to act nonchalant about the places we are visiting - I don't want Jim and Kathy to think I'm having too good a time traveling around the country.

I think I heard Jim talking about a fishing trip soon in Wyoming. He bought this thing called a buff and wanted me to check it out. I'm not going with him so I'm not too impressed. I have to stay with Kathy and bark at all of the dogs I meet at the Spearfish KOA.

So that's about it right now folks. Thanks for thinking of me and inquiring about me. Life is pretty good and as long as the peanut butter treats keep coming, I'll put up with traveling in the truck.

Until we meet again......DaiseyMae

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